Horse and Rider Therapy, that's us: Karin and Isabella Seeberger


That we are working together so closely as mother and daughter arised naturally during the last 10 years. Our talents and key aspects constitute the master plan of Seeberger Horse and Rider Therapy. We simply complement each other perfectly.


How we work


We have both "our" clients one of us treats and handles. If tensions, painful areas and blocks can be dissolved through the use of physiotherapy, acupunture and osteopathic treatment methods Isabella Seeberger is the one to treat the animal. If the disorders appear to result from metabolic problems, inner blocks or chronic complaints Karins Seeberger handles the treatment. Sometimes though it is meaningful to combine both bioresonance and manual therapies.




It is of particular importance to us to strive towards a harmonious relationship of horse and rider. Espescially when horse and human (or dog and human) have a very close relationship, health problems of the animal often have a startling relation to energetic deficiencies of the human. With a treatment of animal AND human we are often able to tackle the problem at source. In these cases also humans may be treated with bioresonance.


Our clients

Our client horses are racers, jumping or dressage horses and leisure horses. We do not make any difference! Competition, show and racing horse often have problems in their locomotor system as well as "psychic" and energetic blocks that affect their performance. We also helped horses with sweet itch via a specific renovation of the intestinal flora – a targeted bioresonance treatment. Karins bioresonance skills also helped a lot of horses with COB. The results are often surprising for owners who already tried everything out and spent a lot of money for treatments that did not take effect.


We also have clients who use bioresonance, physiotherapy, acupuncture and osteopathy as a preventive treatment.


Dogs and theirs humans benefit alongside the bioresonance therapy from Dorn method specially for dogs. Just like horses dogs have often problems with food that enable owners and veterinaris only with difficulty to ascertain. That is why a food analysis is standard in our treatments of all animals.


We work Germany-wide and in neighbouring countries. Nevertheless some of our clients ar located in other parts of the world. If ever this is your case, please contact us. Everything is possible and can be arranged.


From a distance or locally


All manual treatments have of course to be accomplished on site. Especially the bioresonance method though can be put into practice from a distance. That saves money and is as effective as a treatment on site. In these cases our clients receive after a full analysis specially for the "patient" designed remedies that are given over 6 weeks. Our specials such as hoof-oil, muscle-oil or our watercards are popular and cost-saving alternatives for specific purposes.





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