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Muscle Oil


Our muscle oil is individually assembled for every horse with the bioresonance method. Especially in times of anastasis and during competitive training the muscle oil is an effective support. It frees the organism of all blocks that may affect or slow down the muscle formation. Horses will easily and in a natural way build up muscles, can often make better nutritional use of their food and last but not least will be more motivated during training. Some owners feed the oil steadily with astonishing results.


Hoof Oil


Also our Hoof Oil is individually assembled for every horse with the bioresonance method. It ensures healthy hoof growth and is an excellent remedy for the treatment of ulcerated hooves, white line disease, hollow walls, crumbling hooves, split walls, etc. In contrast to conventional hoof oils and greases the oil itself is "only" the vehicle for the balancing vibrancies. It is "programed" NOT to close the pores. As a result the self-regulating balance of the hoofs moisture stays unharmed.


Scar Oil


Scars always interfere with the flow of energy in the body. Therefore it is one of our elementary objectives for the health and well-being of both animals and humans to dejam and energize scars. Also our Scar Oil is individually assembled for every individual  with the bio resonance method. Over a coupple of weeks the scars have to be anointed with the oil. The positive changes in the system are often really astonishing. Inner scars after surgery or the like may be treated via bio resonance as well.




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