Bioenergetical Items


Here you'll find useful items with an integrated bioenergetical chip. This chip forwards bioenergetical information toa carrier substance (such as water) or directly to the body. All items are designed to provide and increase well-being and health for either human or animal. Unlike our specials (hoof oil, muscle oil, scar oil), the following items do not need to be individually assembled for each person or animal. They provide positive vibrations to every individual. If you have further quesions or if you wish to buy one of the items, please contact us.







The japanese scientist Masaru Emoto proved in his fascinating studies that water has somehow a memory. It receives information and stores it. The stored information influences the energetic clima of the organism in a positive or a negative way. If one consideres that the human body for example consists round about 70 % water, the importance of "good" water becomes obvious.


The incoporated chip sends positive information to the water filled in the bucket. Water becomes energetically precious for the the whole organism. Many animals prefer after a short period of adaption the water to normal untreated potable water, if they have the choice.



Water Cards


Our water cards work according to the same priciple as the buckets. The bioenergetical informations is stored onto the chip. The water cards can be used to transform the potable water of smaller animals like dogs or cats but also for people since they have the size of a credit card. They can be simply put into the pot or under a glas of water for example.


Bioenergetical Gloves


An innovation that we developed together with Hauke Schmidt Finest Gloves Who doesn't know it?! If you're nervous while riding, it will immediately transfer to your horse, which will lead into a vicious circle. To effectively counter this dilemma, we have developed the world's first bio-energetic riding
glove. Through a chip incorporated into the glove, stress-reducing and concentration-promoting impulses are transmitted to the body. The bioenergetic effect guarantees a relaxed and comfortable plus for every rider.

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