What is bio resonance and whow does it work?

Bio resonanz is an advancement of radionics. Both systems work with algorithmic patterns that analyse and balance the special vibration of organs, cells, as well as the mental and energetic condition of an individual.
The main principle of the bio resonance therapy is based on the following crucial observations: Matter and consciousness are basically vibration and may be influenced by other vibrations. The sick body has other vibrations than the healthy one. Bio resonance therapy expands on these “false vibrations” with a balancing  pattern that changes the vibration into the harmonic conditions every individual is meant to be in.
Specifically in chronic disease patterns, allergies of all sorts, feed incompatibility and so forth the application of bio resonance therapy may be worthwhile. Exceedingly when conventional medicine can only treat symptoms the strength of the system become readily apparent.

Bioresonanz3000 – one of the most precise systems on the market

Since about 15 years I work with bio resonance and since 5 years with the Bioresonanz3000 system. The device contains an absolutely remarkable amplitude of analytical tools. This facilitates my work considerably. Nevertheless the success of a bio resonance therapy depends significantly on know-how, experience and intuition of the therapist. These skills make the difference between a successful and a decent bio resonance.

In my professional practice with animals and humans I regularly observe the importance of experience and intuition for a successful therapy. Though bio resonance only works on an energetic level, mistakes can be also made with the system. For instance if too much at a time is supposed to be balanced, the whole system of an individual – no matter if it is an animal or a human – may not be able to compensate this cumulative charge of vibrations. Only a therapist with know-how, experience and intuition can find the right focus for a soft but effective treatment.

My work

After a detailed analysis of the physical, mental, psychic and energetic condition, I concentrate the balancing treatment via a focus which is entered in form of a concise sentence or word into the device. To find the right focus is one of my main talents.

Last but not least I fabricate globules or drops with the balancing vibrations. This allows my clients to benefit from a 6-weeks-long-treatment that gives their system every day the needed balancing impulse. In my opinion this is a lot more effective than a single treatment with the device itself.

Follow-on treatment

Some „problems“ may be solved with one treatment but often – especially if the dysbalance exists already since a long time – a follow-on treatment may be necessary. I proceed exactly the same way as for the initial treatment. After the six weeks of permanent balancing impulses, the whole system of body, mind and soul changed. In my opinion it is decisive to analyse all parameters with the same diligence as for the first treatment.


Some examples of possible applications:

•    releasing toxins
•    scar tissue balancing
•    faster tissue repair
•    support in allergies, hypersensibillities
•    COB
•    sweet itch
•    Kotwasser
•    metabolic problems
•    and much much more


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